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Treatment of Human Excreta:
One of the best ways of treating human excreta is anaerobic digestion. The fecal matter consists of many pathogens; hence the material should be isolated and handled properly while under fermentation. As urine and fecal matter are rich in nitrogen it is necessary to add carbon rich material while treating in anaerobic digester.
SKG Sangha have been designing and installing good number of these units every year.

Function Hall waste treatment:
This waste contains paper, paper cups, plantain leaves (banana leaves) and left out food. This combination will be treated in stage separation process to produce Biogas. The produced biogas will replace LPG (cooking gas).

Hotels and Eateries kitchen and food waste treatment:
We have installed number of units to treat hotels and eateries kitchen and food waste. The produced biogas is used to replace LPG and used as fuel for running gas engines to produce electricity.

Hospital waste:
Hospital waste is treated in two ways.
Soft organic waste will be treated in biogas plant and other organic waste will be converted into manure.

Factories waste:
This contains chemical waste, ink sludge, and other food processing waste. These materials will be treated in tailor made units using different process methods. SKG Sangha is and expert in this units.

Sewage Sludge treatment:
Sewage sludge is having high potential for biogas generation. And it is having high potential for diseases because of its high pathogen population. This should be treated in a proper way. SKG Sangha has been installing these units. The produced biogas is used mainly for electric power generation.