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Boigas plants with waste of jaggery making units
The sugarcane is used for producing jaggery. Jaggery is an important food item in India. Millions of jaggery making units are running in India and there are more than 10,000 such units in Mandya District of Karnataka State alone. These units crush sugarcane and extract juice. This juice is cooked in broad-based pans. Crushed and dried cane bark and sugarcane leaves are being used as firewood for these stoves which produce lot of smoke, particles and residues. While cooking the juice mud is removed and thrown out. This thrown out mud is creating lot of pollution and health hazards to humans and domestic animals. It is becoming an environmental problem in that area. SKG Sangha has completed primary studies on the waste of the jaggery making units and found that it is viable to produce biogas out of this waste. The gas produced can be used as fuel for cooking jaggery. It can also be used for running duel fuel IC engines. In such a case the engine will run on 20% HSD and 80% biogas. The slurry of the gas plant is enriched manure and very valuable for crops.

SKG Sangha is contemplating a few thousands of such units that will convert waste into wealth while protecting the environment.

Poultry based Biogas plant
India is one of the largest producers of eggs and chicken meat in the world. There are millions of poultry units in India. The poultry litter produces GHG in huge quantities and pollutes the atmosphere. It emits very bad smell and the people living around poultry units are the first victims of this smell. SKG Sangha is providing solution for this problem by deriving biogas from poultry litter through anaerobic fermentation process. The slurry of the poultry based biogas plants can be used as feed in the fishery units. This increases green algae formation in the fish tanks which is very useful for the growth of fishes. SKG Sangha is working on this project and a few small-scale units have been installed on trial basis with encouraging results. SKG Sangha is planning to take up these units in a big way in the coming days.

Dairy Based
India is having many numbers of dairies in private and public sector. Waste disposal in these units is becoming dificult. Organic milk production is the aim of the some of these units. The animal excrements will be converted into gas and the other organic waste will be converted into manure using biogas spent slurry. Vermicompost also is produced to replace chemical fertilisers and pesticides in fodder cultivation. The generated biogas will be used for thermal use and electric power generation which are needed in the dairy units.

- Biochar
SKG Sangha has been experimenting application of biochar in different soil. Many farmers are coming forward to test the application of biochar to study the crop yield, improvement of soil water retention time and related aspects.