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About Us

SKG Sangha is a non profit voluntary organization. The Organisation is engaged in a variety of economic, agricultural, social and environmental empowerment activities in rural India. Our core focus areas include Sustainable Energy, Sustainable Agriculture, Rural Industrialization, Solid Waste Management and optimizing natural resources.

For the past several years the organization has been working in the states of Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka, Kerala and Tamil Nadu in southern part of India. In the recent years the projects of the organization have been extended to the states of Meghalaya and Manipur in north east of India and West Bengal state in the present year.

Our work with underprivileged rural masses mainly women and children have given us the opportunity to implement several projects that have not only resulted in the socioeconomic, health and educational up-liftment but also have a significant bearing on climate and environment.

  • Constructed highest number of family size bio-gas plants in India : a total of 64,000 plants
  • Achieved the highest post implementation success rates of 95% compared to the average of 42% after 5 years of installation
  • Installed 200,000+ improved fuel efficient wood fuel stoves
  • Regarded worldwide as one of the best for the development of sources of renewable energy and waste management