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With the rapid loss of renewable sources of energy in the country, it has become imperative to look for other alternative sources for generating power. In the rural areas, the main need for energy goes for cooking. Solar cookers therefore are a viable option that saves energy and are economical in long run.

Solar cookers

  • Various types of solar cooker design
  • Parabolic concentrators, Box type cookers etc.
  • Solar rays are allowed to penetrate through the glass covers
  • Cooking pots and inside of the cookers are blackened to absorb energy
  • Temperature in the cooker is maintained from 70 to 110 degrees C

Solar Photo Voltaic
solar radiation conversion into electric power by using solar photo voltaic modules for:

  • Lanterns
  • Home lighting
  • Community lighting
  • Street lighting
  • Water lifting etc.,
  • Solar energy for industrial applications
  • Has developed LED based solar lamps for various purposes

Solar Hot water systems
Hot plate collecters for domestic, industrial and other need


  • Installed 3,751 systems with the capacity to produce 733,300 litres of water / day