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95% of the entire domestic energy requirement in rural India goes towards the cooking of food and heating of water. The main material used for this purpose is the firewood.

The traditional cook stoves in the rural areas are largely inefficient and induce a lot of smoke within the houses. Many people in India and the world die of smoke related diseases. In fact, kitchen related smoke is the primary cause of premature death in rural India.

More than 85% of the fuel used in the rural areas comes from non-renewable sources like forest areas. The immediate need is to use improved wood fuel cook stoves to eliminate indoor air pollution and to reduce the dependence on forests.

The SKG Sangha Model

This model of eco friendly cook stove is an effective means of saving firewood. It is a two pan cook stove with a vent pipe to remove smoke through the rooftops of the house.

The benefits of the cook stove:

  • Saves greenhouse gas emissions by reducing the fuel wood consumption
  • Protects the local environment by reducing uncontrolled deforestation by reducing the usage of firewood
  • Saves cooking time
  • Eliminates indoor air pollution and improves the health of women and children
  • Eliminates the drudgery of women and children in the collection and processing of firewood.

Advantages of the SKG model:

  • Low construction cost as local construction material is used
  • No moving parts
  • Longer life span of more than 7 years
  • Secured efficiency as liners are prefabricated


  • Installed 208,645 units