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SKG Sangha offers consultation service for the following projects.

  1. Bio-Methanation: For production of methane by using organic materials.
  2. Municipal solid waste management.
    1. Developing facilities and training
    2. Guidance for the production of organic manure on large scale
  3. Electric power generation through biogas
  4. Water management.
    1. Rainwater Harvesting: Rainwater harvesting for potable and domestic purposes.
    2. Conservation of water.
    3. Water management methods in agriculture.
  5. Dairy projects
  6. Organic farms
  7. Village industries
  8. Marketing

SKG Sangha organizes studies on activities taken up so far. It will take up studies on various other activities like environmental effects, pollution problems and socio - economic problems of rural masses of India etc.

SKG Sangha has lot of expertise and experienced personnel. All the expertise has been developed during the Sangha activities and the personnel have acquired excellence in their fields. SKG Sangha will undertake monitoring of activities done by others as it has the necessary resources, machinery, expertise and experience.

SKG Sangha is doing research and providing solutions for the problems and implementing them for the social development since its inception. Vermicomposting with biogas slurry, conversion of rainwater into drinking water, poultry litter as feed for fish are some examples of this kind. SKG Sangha will take up research work related to organic farming, organic manuring, non-conventional energy sources, water and solid waste management and rural industrialisation.

The organization will take up any studies in the related fields.