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Biomass is considered a vital alternative to fossil fuels and can be used for a range of energy needs. Energy from biomass can be produced in three different ways:

  • Direct burning of biomass to get the energy
  • Convert biomass to ethanol and methanol to be used as liquid fuels in engines
  • Ferment biomass anaerobically to obtain a gaseous fuel called biogas

The International Ashden Awrard winners working together

Biomass and its derivatives like animal excreta and crop residues are converted to organic manures to replace the chemical fertilizers. It takes simple aerobic fermentation to convert this biomass to organic manure.
However, when biomass is treated anaerobically, biogas is formed, leading to the production of high value enriched organic manure.
Biogas is a combination of Methane and Carbon dioxide in a ratio of about 60:40 and it contains traces of gases like Hydrogen Sulphide, Nitrogen etc. The calorific value varies from 20 – 25 MJ / M3

Achievements of SKG Sangha

  • Installed 100,801 domestic biogas plants
  • Institutional biogas plants in sizes ranging from 25 to 1,000 m3 gas per day are installed
  • Exclusive night soil fed biogas plants are installed in states of Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh and Tamil Nadu
  • Toilets attached to domestic biogas plants are hundreds in number across the district
  • Biogas plants for treating the market, hotel and other institutional waste;
  • waste of Silk warms, Jaggery cocking waste, Poultry litter etc.,.
  • Electric power generation through bio gas
  • Production of biogas by using de-oiled cake