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Women Empowerment
The empowerment of women is multi-faceted. For generations together, women in the society have been discriminated and oppressed. Women can be liberated by empowering them economically, politically, socially, and educationally. SKG Sangha is uniting women on need based programmes in rural areas. It is giving training on rural technologies and implementing those technologies through women's associations. Biogas, vermicomposting and improved cook stoves are some of the activities. First, SKG Sangha wanted to remove drudgery of women in the smoky kitchens by installing thousands of biogas plants and hundreds of thousands of improved cook stoves. Secondly, SKG Sangha is trying to improve their economic status by promoting domestic vermicomposting units. Thirdly, SKG Sangha is promoting all the above activities through women's societies. Thousands and thousands of women are organized in these societies. SKG Sangha has organized thousands of awareness camps on health, sanitation, organic farming and rainwater harvesting. SKS Sangha is instrumental in acquiring skills by women in cottage industries like tailoring, assembling of solar lantern, pottery making, bee keeping etc.

Organic Manuring
Soil with its life forms only is called live soil. Indian agricultural soils are becoming saline and infertile because of indiscriminate use of chemical fertilizer, pesticides and irrigation water. Our organization is aiming to change this situation by bringing awareness in the farming community about the ill effects of chemical fertilizers and chemical pesticides. Our Organization is preparing and giving training to the farmers in

  • modern compost pits
  • The spent slurry of bio gas units
  • vermicomposting

Emancipation of women from drudgery of the kitchen
More people are dying in India because of the kitchen smoke than malaria. One person in a family spends almost a month in a year for collection of firewood. India has the highest number of cow heads in the world. The cow dung as feed material for biogas plants will produce a clean gas for cooking and enriched organic manure as a by-product. Our organization has so far installed more than 100,108 of family size biogas plants and 208,645 smokeless fuel-efficient wood fuel cook stoves to provide a clean, healthy and efficient kitchen.

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